Message from Board Chair D’Ambrosio: Presidential Search

Dear Campus Community,

Many of you are already aware from President Roberts’ Monday (01 FEB 2021) message, that she has provided us with notice of her retirement, effective 30 JUN 2022.  This date coincides with the conclusion of Dr. Roberts’ current contract.

We are all deeply appreciative of Dr. Roberts’ (17 month) advance notice. This will hopefully afford the College sufficient time, necessary to conduct a thorough and conclusive nation-wide search for our next President.

Your Board of Trustees will be engaging with the SCC Campus Community in the coming weeks and months to articulate and define the Presidential search process and specify the qualifications necessary for a candidate to successfully serve as President of our College.

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, it is my distinct honor to express our appreciation to President Roberts for her luminary and steadfast leadership, and her continuous dedication to our students -who have entrusted their education to SCC.

President Roberts has -during her seven-year tenure as SCC’s President consistently demonstrated an unwavering dedication to the entire campus community.  We are deeply appreciative for her perseverance through these most difficult times.

Finding a replacement to fill her shoes will be a sufficiently daunting task.  We are therefore all the more deeply appreciative of the ample notice President Roberts has provided us.

With best regards and our deep, abiding appreciation for your unwavering dedication to the College, and for the knowledge, erudition, skill and educational excellence that each of you bring to our college every day, we remain, sincerely yours,

Catherine Post D’Ambrosio, PhD, RN
Chair, Board of Trustees, Shoreline Community College

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