Changes in Campus Outreach & Recruitment Structure

Dear Colleague, 

As part of our continued Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) efforts, there will be a change in the structure of the College’s outreach and recruitment work to improve incoming students’ experience as they engage, enroll, and onboard at Shoreline. 

After soliciting input from staff in these areas, a new Department of Outreach & Recruitment will be formed with existing staff as of February 22: 

  • Inez Olive, Outreach Recruiter, will become the lead for this area as Director of Outreach & Recruitment 
  • Russell Dorsey, Outreach and Recruitment Support Specialist 
  • Susie Schroeder, Recruitment & Enrollment Communications Specialist
  • Amy Stapleton, Outreach Recruiter 

The new team will report to Lisa Malik, Acting Dean of Access and Advising, and will continue to partner closely with Communications & Marketing and Workforce Education. The change will allow for greater internal coordination opportunities as students flow from recruiters, to Enrollment Services, Financial Aid, Advising, and other student service areas. 

No new positions were created in this process and salary adjustments for additional responsibilities were accomplished through savings from other position changes in the Office of Students, Equity & Success. 


Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.

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