July 8, 2021 Campus Timely Notice

Please be advised, on Thursday, July 8, Safety & Security discovered a deceased individual at the King County Metro bus stop at the campus main entrance. The individual is a not a member of the campus community. The situation has been referred to Shoreline police and it is believed to be an isolated incident with no indication of any threat to the campus.

General Safety Reminders:

If you see something, say something. If you see any suspicious activity on or near the campus, please contact Safety & Security anytime at (206) 235-5860 or call 911.

This information is being provided to keep the Shoreline Community College campus informed.

Shoreline in the News, Spring Quarter 2021

Here is a roundup of some of the local media stories the College was featured in the past quarter.

Got an idea for a media story or want to see a particular article in our own news blog? Send in your ideas to Communications & Marketing at any time (email to pio@shoreline.edu).

  1. The Herald, April 6 Cancer Patients Nationwide Send their Blood Cells to Bothell
  2. Washington State Dental Association, April 23 Doing Something About It: How WSDA, Delta Dental, UW School of Dentistry and Others are Confronting the Dental Hygiene Shortage
  3. La Raza NW, May 13 Don’t Let the Pandemic Stop Your Progress: Three Reasons Why Now Is the Right Time for College
  4. King5 News, May 17 Inslee signs ambitious environmental protection laws for Washington state
  5. Medium.com, May 17 Inslee Signs Climate Change Legislative Package
  6. Spokesman-Review, May 17 Inslee Signs Major Climate Bills, But Not Without Partial Vetoes
  7. The Urbanist, May 17 Governor Inslee Signs Historic Climate Bills but Vetoes Linkage to Transportation Package
  8. Yakima Herald, May 17 Inslee Signs Ambitious Environmental Protection Laws 
  9. KOMO News, May 18 Protester Heckles Gov. Inslee During Bill Signing Ceremony in Shoreline
  10. Shoreline Area News, May 25 Jump Start Your Summer: Earn College Credits in 4-8 Weeks at Shoreline Community College
  11. Seattle Times, May 28 Dental Therapists Create A Two-Tiered System of Care
  12. Shoreline Area News, May 28 Virtual Open House: Explore All that Shoreline Community College Has to Offer
  13. Patch.com, June 9 Honors Students Present Research at Western Regional Honors Council Conference in Shoreline Community College
  14. Shoreline Area News, June 9 Shoreline Community College Honors Students Selected to Present at Western Regional Honors Council Conference
  15. Shoreline Area News, June 10 Shoreline Community College’s Newspaper, The Ebbtide, Wins Awards in Pacific Northwest College Journalism Competition
  16. Shoreline Area News, June 13 Mass Casualty Incident Training at Shoreline Community College June 10, 11, 14, 2021
  17. Shoreline Area News, June 19 Shoreline Community College Dental Clinic Relocates to University of Washington Health Sciences Center
  18. Patch.com, June 25 Manufacturing Student Finds the Sky Is the Limit at Shoreline Community College

Shoreline in the News, Dec-Mar 2021

Here is a collection of some of the media coverage featuring the College in the past quarter.

Got an idea for a media story or want to see a particular article in our news blog? Send in your ideas to Communications & Marketing (email to pio@shoreline.edu).

How to Request A New Online Form

TSS and Communications & Marketing often receive requests for online forms. Technologies have evolved, so we would like to share the current practices and process.

What kind of forms does TSS create?

We create forms using Formstack, an accessible online form creation tool the college has used for a number of years. We are avoiding creating new Acrobat PDF forms, which are slower to use, less accessible, and harder to make secure.

Can I create my own form?

There are often security issues with form creation, and people who are not full-time form creators may not be aware of all of them. For example, if the form collects certain kinds of private information such as Social Security numbers, it is not safe to have those sent via email. For this reason, we are working to have TSS personnel create all forms. An exception is that an employee who knows how to create Office 365 forms and wants to create a limited-audience, short-term form that won’t involve students or go on the website can do so. They must still make sure they’re not collecting any confidential information.

How do I request that a form be created?

To request a new form, fill out the Form Request located on the TSS intranet site. You can also email tss@shoreline.edu to start the process, and the technician responding to the ticket will share the link above.

How long will it take to get a new form?

Note that TSS form development personnel are heavily involved in a number of projects, including ctcLink, and so there may be delays creating new forms. Forms that support student enrollment and retention or legal compliance will be given highest priority.

Please direct any questions about this to tss@shoreline.edu. Thank you!

Website Changes, Winter Quarter

The web team in Communications & Marketing has been busy making things better for users on our website. Here’s what we’ve done, what we’re doing, and where we’re going.  

To submit a website request, please visit: https://shoreline.formstack.com/forms/websupport.

New Pages Launched: 

  • Virtual Admissions Events – Learn about all our virtual admissions events including Experience Shoreline, funding and aid workshops, and program-specific open houses. Navigate to the page: Under the Enrollment & Aid main menu drop down. See it 
  • Work Study Jobs – Students looking for work study jobs can find listings and instructions for applying. Navigate to the pageUnder the Enrollment & Aid main menu drop down, click on Funding & Aid, then Financial Aid, then Types of Aid. On that page, you’ll find info about work study and a link to the Work Study program. Students are also provided this link in the Financial Aid Portal.  See it 
  • Take a Class – A landing page intended for use in advertising when marketing to students who are simply looking to take some courses at Shoreline. Navigate to the page: From the home page, click on the Explore Programs button. Scroll down to the heading “Just looking to take some classes?” Click on “Learn about taking college courses at Shoreline.” See it 
  • Student Life & Clubs – An overview of Shoreline student life and the clubs students can join (not to be confused with Campus Life). Navigate to the page: Use the main menu and click on Campus Life. Click on Student Life & Clubs. Also referenced on the Current Students page. See it 
  • Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society – An overview of the honor society and member instructions for students eligible to join. Navigate to the page: Use the main menu and click on Academics. Click on Honors College. In the left navigation menu, click on Phi Theta Kappa. See it 

Pages with Significant or Notable Updates:  

  • Find My Registration Date – Added the credit chart and some guidance for how to use the Find My Date page. See it 
  • AP or IB Scores page – The Cambridge International crosswalk chart was added to the page. See it 
  • Transitional Studies redesign – The landing page was redesigned to help students better understand the offerings and provide a more visually intuitive navigation experience. See it 
  • Academic Calendar – You will now see a brief description for each item in the calendar, as well as a link to any related task (e.g: add/drop date links to the page about adding/dropping courses). See it 

Strategy & Design:

  • Improved Search Engine Marketing Campaigns – Worked with our vendor to improve our search engine advertising strategy, leading to increased click-through and conversion rates on our website.
  • Live Interactive Student Journey Map – Created a living interactive journey map that outlines student information needs, pain points, recommended improvements, etc. to help facilitate strategic decisions in SEM, Guided Pathways, and ctcLink work around the website and student communications.  
  • Additional Announcement Banner Templates – Allow for more options when adding banners to interior pages.  

Selected Large-Scale Projects In Progress: 

  • Workforce page redesign  
  • New scholarships page 
  • Academic dates and deadlines workflow improvements 
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) page 
  • Website testing and research to learn more about student experience using the updated site  
  • ctcLink fit-gap and website evaluation  
  • Website guidelines and procedures documentation  
  • Website data and metrics improvements  

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