Changes to Printed Quarterly Class Schedule


I’m pleased to share that Shoreline is streamlining the way we make quarterly class schedule information available to prospective and current students. Starting in spring 2021, the College will roll out a new direct mail piece that will take the place of the printed Class Scheduleand students will be directed to the online Class Schedule as the primary source for specific class scheduling information.

What’s Changing:

  • The quarterly printed class schedule publication will be discontinued as of spring quarter 2021.
  • The College is launching a new quarterly mailed eight-page booklet to residential addresses in our district.
    • The first issue will be mailed in March. It will provide summary enrollment information about our instructional offerings and will drive people to the online Class Schedule to look for specific spring courses and sections.
    • Employees who typically review and edit the front matter of the printed class schedule will have an opportunity to review the mailer booklet before it goes to press.

What’s Not Changing:

Why Are We Doing This:

  • The high production costs of our quarterly printed class schedule are not sustainable.
  • The online Class Schedule is already the primary tool students use to locate class sections and times.
  • We are among one of the last colleges in our system that still prints the full schedule each quarter, resulting in fewer students expecting us to have one. 
  • During remote operations we do not have a way to widely distribute print materials to students on campus so the printed Class Schedule is not an effective way to advertise classes.
  • We are pivoting to proactively mail enrollment information to residential addresses in our district, reaching a broader audience than our printed Class Schedule ever did. This is similar to what our peers at Edmonds, Everett, North Seattle, and other colleges do in their districts.
  • We are preparing now for the fact that students will have new ways to access and print class scheduling information in ctcLink starting in 2022.

What if Some Students Want/Need a Printed Class Schedule:

  • Students who may prefer or require a hard copy of the quarterly class schedule can request help from a campus recruiter. Please contact Inez Olive for assistance (

Thank you!

Martha G. Lynn

Executive Director

Communications & Marketing

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