Shoreline Shout Outs, February Edition

Shoreline Shout Out to Jim Schulz, John Nold & Greg Jensen:

Jim, John & Greg have been working the COVID temperature check in station in the Auto Showroom all quarter and managing their full time work on campus. They have worked together making sure there is coverage every day. I can’t thank them enough for all their hours of support to ensure the safety of our Students, Staff and Visitors. Thank you, you’re the best!!!! – Ellen Gottas

Shoreline Shout Out to the Custodial Staff:

I am so grateful for the custodial staff. I come into the Parent Child Center every morning and the center is always clean. I am especially grateful for coming into a clean kitchen every day. Thank you for all your care. I am also grateful for the custodial staff for helping keep us healthy and safe by coming during the middle of the day and sanitizing the public areas and surfaces. – Anonymous

Shoreline Shout Out to the Student Laptop Checkout Team:

Since last March, this multi-department team has checked out over 370 laptops to about 580 Shoreline students to support them while we are in fully online mode. The group includes folks from TSS who purchase and prep the laptops, eLearning folks who process student requests, Library folks who manage the check outs and check ins and Community Rentals folks who staff the student curb side pick up/drop off. What a collaboration to support our students!! – Anonymous

Shoreline Shout Out to Facilities:

When the impending snow was in the forecast, they de-iced the parking lot, laid down rock salt prior to the weekend. Then when we came back on Tuesday to operate our Curbside pick up and drop off location for students and staff, the lot was as clear as possible and they created paths for us. This allowed us to service drive-ups safely. The entire crew really shine in these situations. Thank for all you do! – Deann Larson

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