Waves of Gratitude, February Edition

Waves of Gratitude to George Savanah:

Patience and perseverance. Working in this remote way at the moment is very difficult-it is difficult for the students and also for the staff-we all have timing and deadline issues and the students try very hard to stick to these and get everything in on time in order to get Financial Aid and emergency funding processed-George has spent a lot of time helping a particular student to qualify for emergency aid -it was touch and go for a while and we were concerned that the student wouldn’t get the required information in -George never lost faith in the student to get it done-and thankfully-because of him-and the support of the Emergency funding team the student has been able to qualify and receive the necessary funding they so desperately needed-so George I am proud to be part of your team and every day I learn more about patience and perseverance from you!! – Holly Burton

Waves of Gratitude to Mical Degraaff:

Inclusive Excellence, Respect, Student Engagement. Mical has worked tireless as she has handled hundreds of Emergency Aid applications, thinking only of her students, going over and above, while supporting her coworkers and excelling as the leader of the Gender Equity Center and a critical member of the Care Team. Mical’s dedication is incredibly admirable and appreciated by students and staff alike and her work ethic sincerely impressive. Our College is lucky to have Mical as part of the Emergency Aid team and part of Student Services. – Anonymous

Waves of Gratitude to Pete Babington:

Leading by Example and Going Above and Beyond. Recently, our campus has experienced several weather related events (snow and wind storms). Pete came to campus on multiple occasions to work and assist clearing snow for the safe travel of residents, campus visitors, and employees that still had to physically report to campus. After the snow had cleared, a large limb fell blocking the Main Gate exit. On a weekend evening, Pete responded to campus and worked to clear the throughway so that the campus again would be safe to traverse. Seeing the director of a department do this shows strong leadership skills by leading by example and dedication to his position. Well done! – Anonymous.

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