ctcLink Transformation at Shoreline

Dear Colleagues,  

By this time next year, we will be in our final stages of preparing to go live with ctcLink! I am excited about the technological and process improvements ctcLink will bring—especially for our students—and I am also realistic about the work in front of us.   

Where Are We Now and What’s Next? 

Half of all the state’s community and technical colleges (17 colleges) have implemented ctcLink. Along with eight other colleges, we are in the last group—Deployment Group 6 (DG6)—to launch ctcLink. Our go-live is scheduled for late winter quarter 2022.     

The preparations to go live occur in multiple steps. Beginning this first week of March, many of our colleagues across the college are participating in multiple Business Process Fit Gap (BPFGs) sessions. (Some of our colleagues already completed two sessions that were offered in January: Student Bio/Demographic and the Admissions and Recruiting.)   

The purpose of the BPFGs is to identify the business processes our college will use in ctcLink. The Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) ctcLink project team uses the information we provide them in these sessions to convert our college’s data to its new home in ctcLink. 

Participation in BPFGs is critical to the success of our local ctcLink setup, and it is a time-consuming endeavor. Our colleagues participating in these sessions and subsequent homework will be busy with BPFGs well into spring quarter.  

Linking with You! Please Visit the ctcLink Newsletter 

In addition to these communications, I encourage you to visit The ctcLink, Shoreline’s ctcLink newsletter. Our goal is to keep you informed or “linked” into the project and provide resources to support you as we move forward. Given the challenges we are working through over the past several months, it is even more important now that we continue progress on projects like these that will help us become more effective and connected than ever before. 

Thank you! 

Help me recognize and appreciate those working so hard to prepare us for ctcLink. I am looking forward to a much more modern, consistent way to manage student records, enrollment reports, grades, class rosters, scheduling information, tuition and financial aid processes, accounting, state/federal reports, and much more!

Thank you for all you do to support our students and each other. 


Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D.

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