Waves of Gratitude, April Edition

Submit a Wave of Gratitude to recognize an individual employee you’re grateful for.

Waves of Gratitude for Derek Jorgensen of eLearning

Respect and student engagement.

Before the pandemic, I had taught at SCC for 24 years without ever even learning to post my syllabus on Canvas. In March of 2020, I was dragged, kicking and also screaming, into the vortex of the virtual e-vironment. The tutorials offered on the Canvas website mostly assumed a certain familiarity with Canvas and online resources. They hadn’t prepared for Luddites such as myself.
Enter Derek. I don’t remember what first prompted me to seek help from eLearning, but from my first interaction with Derek, I knew it was going to be okay. He is an excellent teacher: always explaining clearly in jargon-free language that I can easily turn into problem-solving action. I have probably contacted him a half dozen times in the course of the past year. He usually gets back to me within an hour, sometimes having already gone into Canvas and fixed my glitch of the day.
He is always cheerful, friendly, respectful and informative. I don’t know how many beers I will owe him by the time we return to campus.
Derek has literally made it possible for me to keep my job during this difficult time. He has helped make online teaching actually enjoyable for me. This guy deserves a raise. Jeff Junkinsmith, Music.

Waves of Gratitude for Tigist Stanghor of Financial Aid

Inclusive Excellence, Respect, Student Engagement, Community Engagement and Leadership.

In the midst of a pandemic and working remotely our beloved director of many years retired. While we entirely supported her retirement, it was a hard time to be without a director. We needed a leader with compassion, dedication, tenacity, and understanding; someone willing to take on a difficult interim position with an unclear future and motivate us to keep being our best. The Financial Aid Office has been so lucky to have had Tigist Stangohr to take on that responsibility.

She is the type of manager who is warm but also professional, with a clear and comprehensive understanding of Financial Aid and how it works both for staff and students. Though she has been at the helm of our Financial Aid team she has also been working alongside us to make all the elements of getting funding to students as fast and efficiently as possible. She has supported us all through a very complex time at the college, standing for our needs and those of our students.
We want to make sure she knows how thankful we are for her diligence, direction, and humanity -we couldn’t have done it without her!! The Financial Aid Team via Holly Burton.

Waves of Gratitude for Bonnie Madison of TSS

For going above and beyond. We handed Bonnie a couple of what turned out to be challenging account setups. She went above and beyond to find the solution and kept in contact with us throughout to let us know she hadn’t forgotten us. We, and our new contractors, really appreciate Bonnie’s cheerful service, dedication, and thoroughness.  JoAnna Buxton International Education

Waves of Gratitude for Ric Doike-Foreman of TSS

Ric is always responsive – and full of good humor and patience – when I need help with the peculiarities of working with a Mac. Being a Mac user at Shoreline comes with its own quirks and adaptations and Ric is my go-to person. He goes the extra mile and I trust him completely.  Anonymous

Waves of Gratitude for Jim Schulz from Nursing


Jim took the time and effort to help a man who has come to the 2300 building weekly for the last three weeks with the impression that he is in the nursing program. Jim walked across campus with him trying to find him resources. He connected the man with someone that can speak with him, along with someone who can be an interpreter. Jim took an hour out of his day to help this confused, but earnest, potential student! Mary Burroughs

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