Shoreline to enter contract for Starfish Software

Shoreline is pursuing a sole source contract with education company, EAB, for the utilization of their student success platform, Starfish.

Starfish is an enterprise-level student success software platform that allows students to connect with an individualized network of supports and facilitates scheduling and communication with students across departments. In addition to enhanced student engagement tools, Starfish offers in-depth advising solutions, predictive analytics, early alert functionality, and cohort management options.

At its foundation, Starfish helps higher education institutions implement reliable data to pinpoint areas of concern and opportunity within courses and student populations, as well as institutional programs and services. Upon identifying these opportunities, the platform enables staff to connect students with helpful resources on campus and also allows administrators to refine their student success strategies.

Please see the attached letter below for more information regarding Starfish and it’s integration with both ctcLink and Guided Pathways.

Barring any last-minute competitors for the bid, it is Shoreline’s intent to enter a 3-year contract with EAB beginning June 30, 2021.

For questions or more information, please contact Raisa Minchuk at

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