Shoreline’s Capital Projects Receive State Funding

We appreciate the significant investments made by the Legislature in our community and technical college system and the thousands of jobs those investments will create in local communities.

Here at Shoreline Community College, we are especially grateful for the funding of construction for our long awaited Health, Science & Advanced Manufacturing Classroom Complex (HSAMCC) – the first new academic building in over 25 years. This project will ultimately remove five, one-story buildings that are over 60 years old and replace them with a state-of-the industry facility that will support the next generation of STEM and Biotechnology students into an eager workplace. (Our Dental Hygiene program will move completely to the UW School of Dentistry at the end of June, where our program will continue to provide a Shoreline degree alongside dental students and faculty who are excited and supportive of this new collaboration.)

We also received design funding for our Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Mathematics (STEAM) building that will house our Nursing, Mathematics, Music, Music Technology programs, and other general education classes. We are overjoyed and deeply humbled by the Legislature’s investment in our projects.

We are grateful for the Legislature’s commitment to the present and future generations of our students who will be educated in spaces that are ecologically and educationally appropriate for 21st century learning!

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