Temporary Leadership Changes in Humanities and Business, Communication Studies & Social Sciences Divisions

Dear Shoreline faculty & staff:

I am writing to announce temporary changes in the leadership of the Humanities & Transitional Studies division and the Business, Communications, & Social Sciences division.

Nancy Dick, Executive Dean of Humanities & Transitional Studies, is taking leave Monday, May 24 through Tuesday, July 6. During this period, Ann Garnsey-Harter has agreed to fill in as Acting Executive Dean, as well as continue on in her permanent role as Executive Director of Learning Resources and Continuing Education.

The Humanities & Transitional Studies division is in good hands, as Ann has previously served in an acting leadership role for this division. Jonathan Molinaro will support Ann in his current capacity as Associate Dean of Transitional Studies, in addition to executing other functions within the division, as needed. Amy Rovner will provide eLearning support, temporarily as Acting Director of eLearning.

In addition, Acting Executive Dean Tim Wright recently announced his acceptance of a new position as an administrator at Sierra College in California. His last day with Shoreline will be June 4, 2021. Brigid Nulty has agreed to fill in as Acting Executive Dean for BCS beginning June 5, 2021. Brigid will remain in that role until a new Executive Dean for BCS is hired this summer. Brigid’s current role at the College as Acting Associate Dean for BCS will not be filled through this temporary reassignment. We will provide other supports as necessary for Acting Executive Dean Nulty.

I want to send a personal note of appreciation for Tim Wright for all his efforts in his role for Shoreline. Tim led with humor, compassion, and collaboration. We wish him success in his new role.


Phillip King

Vice President for Student Learning

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