New Building Construction Begins in July!

Dear Colleague,

We are pleased to share that the new Health Sciences & Advanced Manufacturing Classroom Complex (HSAMCC) will break ground in just a few weeks! This project is a culmination of years of planning and extensive stakeholder involvement and will be a significant enhancement to our campus. As we enter the construction period for the next two years, here is some preliminary information for you to know. 

What Is the HSAMCC? 

A new three-story, 50,700 square-foot HSAMCC building will replace five existing buildings (2400, 2500, 2600, 2700, 2800) and will be located on the footprint of the current 2500 Building. Opening in summer 2023, it will provide space for Chemistry, Biology, Medical Lab Technology, Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing, and Biomanufacturing. It will include an open space that preserves existing significant trees and landscape features and provides outdoor student gathering areas. This building will serve a large student population with state-of-the-industry, multipurpose instructional space (including collaboration and study spaces, laboratories, and faculty offices) and create a new core area of campus that will unite the South end of campus with the North. 

Architectural rendering of the exterior of the finished HSAMCC building with students walking near it.

When Will Construction Take Place? 

  • July 2021 – Construction fencing and mobilization begins at North end of campus 
  • July & August 2021 – Demolition Phase One (Buildings 2500, part of 2400, greenhouse, pond) 
  • Summer 2021 – Groundbreaking event 
  • August 2021 – March 2023 – Active construction 
  • Summer 2022 – Demolition of a portion of Greenwood Parking Lot for an infiltration pond 
  • Spring 2023 – Building move in 
  • Spring & Summer 2023 – Demolition Phase Two (Buildings 2600, 2700, 2800, rest of 2400) 
  • Summer/Fall 2023 – Project completion 
Schematic of the North end of campus showing that Building 2500 will be demolished and a large portion of the surrounding parking lot will be fenced off.

Yellow highlights represent the areas that will be fenced off and not accessible

 Will Campus Access or Parking Be Affected by the Construction? 

  • A sizable portion of the parking lot North of Building 2500 will be fenced off for the duration of the project and will not be available for general use, however, parking options throughout the rest of the campus will remain unaffected. 
  • The track will be used as parking for Automotive instructional vehicles and will not be accessible.
  • Walking routes through campus will remain open and access to the Shoreview Off-Leash Dog Park next to campus will continue to be available.
  • Construction vehicles will access the campus via Aurora Avenue and N. 160th Street and be routed to enter campus at the West gate, traveling to the construction site at the North end of campus, and exiting on the East side of campus at Greenwood Avenue.  
  • Construction work hours will be 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Cameras will be installed for security. 
Google map image of the campus, with a line indicating the path the construction vehicles will take when entering and exiting campus.

Construction vehicle route through campus

This is an exciting time of growth on our campus, and we appreciate your patience and flexibility as we enter this period of construction. We will continue to share regular updates with the campus community and our local neighbors as construction progresses.

With best regards, 

Cheryl Roberts, Ed.D. 


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