Changes to Campus Access Protocols

Dear Faculty and Staff, 

As we continue to evaluate our campus COVID-19 protocols, there are two changes that will go into effect on Monday, July 26.  

Student Check-In Station Will Close 

As of July 26, students enrolled in on-campus courses will no longer be required to go to the check-in station in Building 2900, Room 2910, each day before class. Students (and visitors) must continue to complete the Campus Access Form immediately prior to each campus visit to attest to not having COVID-19 symptoms. Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms is not permitted to come to campus. 

Employee Protocol Change for Coming to Campus 

As of July 26, employees who wish to come to campus for occasional work will need to follow an updated protocol: 

  • Request permission by completing a new Campus Permission Form ( at least three days in advance of the date you wish to be on campus. 
  • If the senior leader or Executive Team member for your area approves, you will be notified that you have permission to come to campus on the specified date(s). 
  • Submit a Campus Access Form ( immediately prior to arriving on campus and remember to check out ( when you depart. You will also receive an email reminder to check out that day.
  • Wear a mask on campus in all indoor spaces and remain three feet away from others. 

Please note, employees who have received written permission to regularly work on campus do not need to fill out the Campus Permission Form each time they come to campus. 

We will continue to communicate COVID-19-related campus changes to you as they occur and will post them on the main COVID-19 web page and the faculty/staff COVID-19 web page. Thank you for your continued flexibility and understanding. 


Phillip King 

Acting President 

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