2021-22 State & Federal Work Study Update

Dear Shoreline Faculty and Staff,

As part of our continuing effort to return to campus, I am pleased to announce that we are also re-launching the State and Federal Work Study (FWS) program for on-campus services.  The option to hire a work study student is open to all departments.  You will need to determine the kind of employment opportunity you can offer eligible students and how your department can benefit from hiring work studies.  Here are some important considerations you must keep in mind: 

  • There is a clear expectation that supervisors or unit permanent staff must be present when work study are on-campus
  • A work study position should not be used in lieu of permanent staff
  • A work study position should not result in the displacement of regular employees
  • Work study wages are paid out of the college’s Federal and State work study budgets 
  • Work studies must be paid for every hour they work
  • Work studies cannot do volunteer work at their place of employment 
  • Students must be paid on an hourly basis that is comparable to entry level rate of regular employees performing similar duties as determined by HR
  • Figure out how the position will benefit your work study’s educational and career interest
  • Figure out what your department’s needs are and define the work you need performed and submit a job description to the work study program specialist for approval
  • Determine who in your department will manage the hiring, training, and supervision of your work study
  • Determine how you will train, manage, and supervise your work study remotely
  • Work studies who are not meeting the department’s job performance expectations (not completing their assigned job duties, a record of poor attendance, etc.) can be terminated
  • Students may have the option to find other work study placement if their current job does not work out
  • The Financial Aid Office and the Human Resources Office are here to assist

Remote Work (if applicable) in the SWS program continues to be allowable in 2021-22, if SWS student employees continue to be able to perform their necessary job functions remotely and that they have as much remote supervision as possible. This means having a reasonable and regular level of direct communication with their supervisor around daily tasks, production expectations, dealing with questions or problems that may have come up while they are working remotely, etc. Institutions must communicate these supervisory expectations on remote work to affected students, supervisors, and employers.

Shoreline Community College’s Work Study web page and U.S. Department of Education’s Federal Student Aid website provides answers to most frequently asked questions or contact our Financial Aid Office at FinancialAid@shoreline.edu

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