Full Campus Power Shutdown on Sat, September 11

While a full campus power shutdown was previously announced for August 21, it did not occur due to a scheduling change with Seattle City Light. Please be advised all campus power will shut down this Saturday for approximately 8 hours.

Note: Care should be taken to remove or dispose of any perishable food stored in campus breakroom refrigerators.

Full Power Shutdown of the Entire Campus

Date & Duration:

Saturday, 9-11-21, 7 AM to 3 PM, 8 hours.

Areas Affected:

All power to the entire Shoreline Community College Campus. The work will be performed in the Building #9000 Electrical Room adjacent to Mail Room. Seattle City Light will be accessing their electrical vault in the East access road.


To perform required maintenance work on the electrical switch gear in Building #9000. This will allow electricians to safely perform smaller localized shutdowns for the HSAMCC project and other future projects on campus. It will also help mitigate campus electrical outages or electrical gear failures in future. Eaton will be cleaning and testing the switch gear in building #9000.

Thank you.

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