Shoreline Community College was awarded two competitive Title III grants from the Department of Education

The Strengthening Institutions Program (SIP) award and the Asian American and North American Pacific Islander Serving Institution (AANAPISI) award. Each of these awards is a 5-year grant.

Over the 5-year grant periods, Shoreline will receive $2,250,000 from The Strengthening Institutions Program and $1,500,000 from The Asian American North American Pacific Islander Service Institution program.

The SIP project will complement the College’s implementation of Guided Pathways, fund the rollout of Starfish (a student services and advising software) and expand the college’s student mentor and tutoring programs.

The AANAPISI project will improve and expand the College’s capacity to serve Asian American, Pacific Islander, and low-income students. The project is designed to close equity gaps by providing comprehensive onboarding, orientation, and financial aid counseling; critical academic advising and career planning; academic learning activities; and peer mentoring and tutoring services.

Combined, these Title III grants will help to advance the College’s work on access and equity so that more students are able to enter college, attain a credential or degree, and enter the workforce upon completion.

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