Apply to be part of the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Advisory Group

We are seeking individuals to serve as members on the DEI Advisory Group.

Context: Given the previous work of the Inclusive Excellence Steering Committee (IESC), Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Learning Team (DEI LT), Campus Diversity Action Committee (CDAC), and other DEI groups over the course of the last decade, the Acting President gave a charge to form an Advisory Group for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) which will help guide DEI work beginning in the academic year 2021-22. The purpose of Advisory group is to make recommendations to ET regarding the purpose and scope (listed below) of DEI campus activities and training. This DEI Advisory Group will stay in place until a more formalized group can be formed and attached to our current governance structure.  

Time commitment: Approximately (6-8) hours per month

This year’s work will include:

·        DEI Strategic planning, framework, mission and vision  

·        Efforts for an inclusive campus culture of awareness and belonging  

·        Beginning and monitoring of campus DEI initiatives and projects in conjunction with the Spec.   Assistant to the President for DIB.

·        Creation of DEI website, and other campus work 

·        Development and delivery of DEI training and professional development to campus  

·        Moving toward increasing diverse representation of identities for faculty and staff through recruitment and retention efforts 

Who may apply:

All staff – faculty, admin, and classified – are encouraged to apply.

Specific expertise needed:

  • Knowledge:  Understand the issues related to historically underrepresented communities and the systemic forms of racism in higher education, community colleges, or in society at large; familiar with campus demographics and experiences of Shoreline students and employees or other college campus demographics; knowledge of DEI efforts and approaches beyond Shoreline (e.g. “NCORE, Race Forward, etc.)
  • Skills: Culturally adept at facilitation and/or teaching; skilled in time and project management; skilled at active listening and collaborating, with bi-lingual or bicultural skills; able to lead from the lens of non-majority identity
  • Attitudes and Experiences:  Willing to adapt and work within constraints; care deeply about our Shoreline – growing and evolving; have empathy for colleagues; self-reflective and able to recognize one’s own ongoing work and one’s place in a marginalizing (e.g. racist) system; able to advocate tactfully to move diversity and inclusion efforts forward.

How to apply:

Complete this online form by Monday, October 25th

Selection process

Decisions will be announced by October 29th. The team begins its work in November.

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