Two New Grants + Guided Pathways

Dear Shoreline Community,

I am writing to provide additional details about the two highly competitive grants that the College was recently awarded.  As some of you may be aware, the College has made attempts to procure federal Title III grants in the past. It was truly gratifying to learn that this year, Shoreline Community College received not just one, but two Title III grants! This is wonderful news for our students; while each award has its own specific parameters and outcomes, student success is at the core of both. 

The two grants that the College received are the Title III – Strengthening Institutions Program (SIP) grant and the Title III –Asian American and Native American Pacific Islander-Serving Institutions (AANAPISI) grantSince early winter 2021, I have worked closely with research and grant staff Executive Director Bayta Maring and Director Zack Thill, Acting Dean Lisa Malik, Acting Director of the Honors College Mari Kosin, and Director of Guided Pathways Brigid Nulty.  Our combined work helped shape the submission of these two grants. 

I.        AANAPISI Grant

·           Our project title is Student Achievement through Guidance and Engagement (SAGE).

·           The grant amount is $299,588 for five years – a total $1.5million.

·           The grant covers a large percentage of our student body, including the 19% of Shoreline’s students who identify as Asian American or Pacific Islander (AAPI students).

·           It covers 29% of Shoreline’s students who are eligible for need-based financial aid (referred to as Pell Eligible or low-income students).

·           It covers nearly 28% of who students are the first in their family to attend college (i.e., first-generation college students). 

·           At Shoreline, we will focus and design new systems to close equity gaps by providing comprehensive onboarding, orientation, and financial aid counseling; critical academic advising and career planning; academic learning activities; and peer mentoring and tutoring services. The project will also offer programming to build a sense of belonging and community among AAPI students, who may often feel excluded or placeless on campus.

II.         SIP Grant 

·           The grant amount is $444,525 for five years – a total of $2.3million.  

·           Shoreline’s project will include the development of a first-year student success course, provide enhanced peer tutoring services for gateway math and English courses, redesigned orientation programming with peer mentoring that introduces students to the college and student services, and enhanced mandatory student advising. It will also include adding technology (common advising tools and resources) for all students.

·           Shoreline’s project will also expand work-based learning experiences, increase the number of students who are exposed to work-based learning pathways, and increase the overall number of students who choose a work-based learning pathway or opportunity.

·           The focus of our SIP grant will be on better serving Shoreline’s historically underserved students, for whom significant equity gaps persist for critical indicators of student success. For students attaining 15 college-level credits in their first year—an important early indicator— the College has an 11-to-9 point opportunity gap comparing Shoreline’s Historically Underserved Students to other community colleges in the state.  To close these equity gaps and ensure that all students succeed academically, the goal of Shoreline’s SIP project is to increase the retention, completion, and transfer rates of all students, while also closing equity gaps between underserved students and other students. 

These two grants will provide resources and services that will complement and work alongside the $1.1million in annual support that is provided to the College for Guided Pathways (GP). As many of you are aware, our GP initiative is now in its 3rd year and led by Brigid Nulty and Dutch Henry, along with a large team of faculty and staff. In addition to work on meta-majors, general education and learning outcome realignment, and equity in teaching and learning, other GP efforts to redesign intake and advising, student voices, student success courses, student mentors, and tutoring will all overlap the work of our two new grants.

It is with great excitement that I reiterate that the opportunity to serve our AAPI students in the Shoreline service area with the SAGE project has been part of a multi-year plan to enhance student support services. With these types of activities, we can begin to engage our AAPI community, and we can start to demonstrate significant gains in student completion and success.  For our SIP project, the technology resources will provide a heightened user accessibility to online advising and educational planning, and provide for college-wide systems support and case management for all students. These two new incredible opportunities have the potential to significantly alter the access and success trajectory for students at Shoreline Community College.

As these two grants unfold, I am aware that our African American and Hispanic students also have gaps in access and completion. We have much work to do at Shoreline, and I fully expect that we will also develop more targeted outreach and accompanying support programs for these student populations.

Finally, I am pleased to re-announce that the College recently hired Chitpasong Bello as the Director of the AANAPISI SAGE Project. She will begin on November 1, 2021. Brigid Nulty, already working as our Director of Guided Pathways, will take on the work of SIP to become the Director of GP/SIP. Please contact me, Zach Thill, Bayta Maring, Derek Levy, Chitpasong Bello, or Brigid Nulty for more details as each grant unfolds.


Phillip J. King

Acting President

Shoreline Community College

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