Campus Updates- All Staff (12/10/21)

Here are this week’s updates! 


  • Last weekend’s clinic in the PUB vaccinated over 2000 children from Shoreline-area schools against COVID-19. Anyone age 16 and older now can get a booster, but need to make an appointment.  
  • See below for information requested at the November 18, 2021 Campus Update:  
    • A copy of the “Campus Reopening” presentation, which highlights the staged reopening of the campus from summer 2021 to what is expected through spring 2022.  
    • Student Vaccine Attestation and Exemption data: as of December 8, 2021, 90% of students taking fall classes with an in-person component attested to being vaccinated against COVID-19 or were approved for an eligible medical or religious exemption.  
      • Students in classes with in-person component (including Parent Ed and CEO/LCN) = 2224  
      • Students who submitted attestation or received medical or religious exemptions = 1991 
        • Approved religious exemptions = 115 
        • Approved medical exemptions = 14 
      • Students who submitted attestation of partial vaccination = 14 
      • Students who did not submit attestation or get medical or religious exemption = 219 
  • Please check the COVID-19 Updates site for more details. 


ctcLink Weekly Updates 

This week marked a major milestone for the ctcLink Project at Shoreline. Subject Matter Experts from across campus participated in a live practice session on Tuesday, December 7th to simulate the activities we will be doing over Go-Live weekend prior to our launch on February 28th, 2022. The day was a success as we gained valuable experience and learned lessons we will carry forward over the coming months. We are thankful for the hard work and dedication of all those who have been working on the project and their colleagues who have been supportive of their efforts. 

HSAMCC Construction Activity  

Last week, concrete structural foundation footing work began for the new Health Sciences and Advanced Manufacturing Classroom Center (HSAMCC).  This work will include an increased amount of concrete and delivery activity on campus during normal construction hours through January 2022.  Please be mindful to navigate around this work safely. 

Nursing Graduation December 15th, 2021 

Dec 15, 2021 – 4:00 PM Pacific Time

Email from Rave- Error 

There was an error in the “from” email address in a RAVE email notifying the campus of technical difficulties with Canvas this week. The “from” address was listed as the previous president and has since been updated and the error resolved. Thank you to those that notified us of this. 

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