Campus Updates- All Staff (12/17/21)

Hi Campus Community,  

Here are this week’s updates! 


  • We are messaging students registered for winter quarter classes with an in-person or on-campus component to attest to their vaccination status. 
  • The last day of the COVID-19 vaccine clinic for fall quarter is Friday, December 17th. The clinic will resume on Tuesday, January 4th, 2022, in the Quiet Dining Room. 


Reminder of important dates: 

College Campus closed 12/20/21-12/24/21 

The next all-staff email update will occur 1/7/21, unless urgent messaging is required.  

As we enter the holiday period, this is just a reminder of the upcoming December campus closure in observance of the winter holiday break. The specific dates of the 2021 Winter closure will be Monday, Dec 20th through Friday, Dec 24th, 2021. As you prepare for the 2021 winter closure period, please review the following information: 

  • Classified staff should use accrued comp time (or other applicable paid leave) for the four days the College is closed prior to the Friday, December 24th holiday.    
  • NOTE: Classified staff may request supervisor approval to work across the closure (excluding the Friday, 12/24/21 holiday) if desired as a way to support ctcLink implementation tasks or to catch up on work impacted by ctcLink assignments. 
  • For those approved to work, remember that all non-urgent communications and tasks should wait for campus re-opening on Monday, December 27, 2021. 
  • If you have an emergent health condition during the winter closure, you may substitute sick leave for vacation leave on the applicable days. 

Please note questions regarding the information above can be directed to Human Resources at any time. 

ctcLink Weekly Updates 

An introductory informational message will be sent to Faculty/Staff and Students on Tuesday, December 29th, announcing ctcLink. Regularly scheduled ctcLink updates will go out every Tuesday to Faculty/Staff and Students through March 15th, 2022. Please reference the weekly emails for important updates. Please urge students to do the same.  

December 2021 Starfish Update  

Full update can be found here 

Winter Activities Student Launch: The student portal will open on January 3rd, at which time students will book appointments with advisors directly in Starfish. Help resources will be available to students via the Current Students webpage. 

Benefits Hub Matched Savings Opportunity 

Link to more information here

HSAMCC Construction Activity- Power Shutdown  

Power Shutdown: Monday, December 20th, 7:00 AM to 3:30 PM, 8.5 hours.  

Areas Affected: Power Service, Buildings #5000, #2900, #2100, #2200, #3000, #2400 Boiler Room, #2300, #1800, #2700, #2600 and #2800. Note: Buildings #7000 and #9000 will not be impacted by this shutdown. 

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