SCC-HSAMCC 2018-102: Sewer Shutdown 12/22/21 to 12/23/21

There will be a sewer shutdown on Dec. 22 – 23, 2021.  

Time Frame:

Wednesday 12-22-21 7:00 AM to Thursday 12-23-21 3:00 PM, 2 Days

Areas Impacted:

Toilets, urinals, and sink drains in buildings #2300, #2200, and #1900


We will be tying the new sewer main to the existing system within our site fence line, adjacent to building #2300. This work will be outside of the buildings. We need to cut the sewer line that leaves #2300 and tie in the new line. We will also be installing a new structure that will intercept the sewer line that serves #2200 and #1900. We are requesting that the college does not use toilets, urinals or sinks in these buildings during the shutdown duration. No support will be needed from the college for this work. FORMA can provide and set up “Bathroom Closed” signage if needed. This work also includes the scope in RFI #048.

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