Important Dates Related to cTcLink Deployment

The importance of this message is that we need you to be aware that many key systems will be shut down for over a month as we transition to cTcLink. Please see the deadlines below and visit the Key Dates, Events, and Timeline page on the cTcLink website for a more comprehensive list. 

January 2022 

  • January 19: Last day to make P-Card purchases, budget transfers & enter operating budgets and grants into FMS.  
  • January 24: FAFSA/WASFA-It is recommended that students complete their FAFSA/WASFA application by today to ensure those students who are eligible for financial aid receive their money before the conversion. If students missed this deadline, they can still complete these applications and they will be processed after we convert to the new system. 
  • January 26: Purchase Requisition Deadline last day to submit IPVs & invoices to Accounts Payable for payment.  This means you must complete the arranging and approving of purchases before January 26 or your purchase will be delayed until at least the middle of March. Technology purchases and some others require previous approval, so be sure to allow enough time for purchases that must be made before March.  Online purchasing requisitions will open in cTcLink beginning Monday, March 14. 

February 2022 

·         February 2: cTcLink Dry Run Conversion Validation. The big test of the full cTcLink conversion process will begin on Wednesday, February 2. It will be a SBCTC-led activity to confirm that our student, employee, and financial data will convert successfully. Enrollment Services, Financial Aid and Financial Services to close at Noon.

·         February 4Last day for HR to hire new employees in HP.  

·         February 4: Students must submit all required/requested document/s by today to ensure they can be processed before conversion. If students missed this deadline, they could still submit their document/s and they will be processed after the conversion. 

·         February 7Last day to submit Invoice Attached, Check Enclosed, and A19 documents. Payments for documents after February 7 will be processed after March 14 pending completion of data validation post-go live. 

·         February 8: Last day to submit Winter Quarter COVID Assistance Emergency Aid applications to have funds disbursed by February 16.  Any COVID Assistance Emergency Aid applications received from February 9 -March 13, will be disbursed after March 14. 

·         February 11: Last Day for payroll changes. Update direct deposit, W4, etc.

·         February 14: Last Call for Cashiering Transactions. Wednesday, February 14 is the final day for any cashiering transactions (excluding Financial Aid). Cashiering will reopen to students on Monday, March 14 pending completion of data validation post-go live.   

·         February 14: Last day to submit graduation applications. Will begin processing mid-March. 

·         February 14 (4:30 pm): Legacy Web Admissions portals close. New application portal to open on March 14. 

·         February 15 (10:00 am): Last timesheet submission in TLR for Feb 1-15 time period. Timesheets for Feb 16-28 will be submitted in cTcLink after go-live.  More information on this to come. 

·         February 16 – Last day for Student Refunds, Financial Aid & COVID Assistance Emergency Aid, and Scholarship monies to be disbursed.   

·         February 18 – Grade changes and enrollment transactions after this date will be processed in mid-March.  Request for W grades after this date will be processed mid-March.

·         February 23 (4:30 pm): Final Day to Change Data in Legacy/HP System. Wednesday, February 23rd is the last day staff will be able to make changes to the legacy SMS / FMS / PPMS environments. 

·         February 27 (Sunday): Go-Live Conversion Test. Key staff will access cTcLink Sunday afternoon to confirm that the conversion has been successful. 

·         February 28- March 13: Deployment Period. Payroll, Accounting, College Business Offices, Enrollment & Registration, Admissions, and Financial Aid are closed to the public. Staff who submit timecards will need to enter time for February 16-28.  More information will be provided as we near this time frame. 

In addition to the above message, please note that we will also send updates relating to critical dates for each week.  Lastly, there may be confusion about change of processes – for staff and for students – and we are also building a network of support to respond to your questions during this transition period.  Please contact if you have questions about this update. Shoreline staff are responding to this email daily.

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