Presidential Recruitment

The Presidential Screening Committee has selected 10 candidates to meet with for the 1st round interviews in the selection process. The 1st round candidates selected came from a robust pool of 34 applicants representing individuals from the Washington community and technical college system as well as other local and national educational institutions.  The Committee will conduct the 1st round interviews on February 1-2, 2022, via zoom interview sessions. These sessions will be closed to the public to ensure the confidentiality of the applicants are maintained until the finalist interview sessions occurring February 15-18, 2022. More info on the finalist interview activities with campus will be forthcoming in the next few weeks.

As a reminder, the Presidential Screening Committee is chaired by classified staff member Tirzah Williamson. The Committee is composed of representation across the student, classified staff, faculty, and administrative constituency groups at Shoreline including participation from community members and two Trustees from the College Board. 

Following the 1st round interviews, the Screening Committee will identify the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate interviewed in relation to the posted position profile. The strengths and weaknesses identified, based on the 1st round applicants submitted materials and interview responses, will determine those invited as finalists to the position.

Communication and updates regarding the Presidential Search process can be found online HERE. Alternately, questions regarding the Presidential Search Process can be directed to administrative liaison Veronica Zura by email at at any time.

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