Technology purchases, requests, and Web requests may be delayed

As TSS and Web Support complete final preparation for ctcLink and the deadline for purchases and other processes, staff are having to prioritize must-complete work and are needing to ask requestors to wait for some requests.

Technology Purchasing

Technology purchases that have not already been received by TSS – and existing orders of individual systems – may not happen before the January 26 central purchasing office deadline. TSS’ purchaser Is focused on completing work that can’t be delayed, such as paying large invoices, completing final credit card reconciliation, and closing out in-process large purchases. New and non-critical technology purchases often require review by technicians, multiple clarifying communications, work with multiple vendors, and may require an amount of work that can’t be completed in time to get the order to the purchasing office by the deadline.

Web Support

Web support is focused on critical preparation for ctcLink, such as preparing the replacement pages and instructions for students and employees who will be using the new system, and finding and replacing references to legacy systems in PDFs, Formstack forms, and other media. Some requests for new web projects or page modifications will be delayed so that even more critical preparation work can be completed.

Application Development

New web projects and changes to existing projects and systems will be delayed. Our application developer is focused on implementing the new local copy of State Board data, transitioning all of our key supplemental systems such as Canvas, RAVE, Starfish, and locally-developed systems to function after the transition, and implementing new methods for students and employees to log in and reset their passwords.

New Software Purchases, Vendors, and Projects

New projects, software purchases, and connections to new vendors will be delayed. This will permit sufficient time to prepare as well as possible for the critical transition to ctcLink and implementing new support systems, support personnel, and processes.

TSS is focused on customer support and we prefer not to delay responses to requests, but we need to prioritize critical work in the short time remaining before ctcLink. We appreciate everyone’s patience and will work to respond to delayed requests as quickly as possible.


Gavin Smith
Acting Director
Technology Support Services

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