2020-21 and 2021-22 Connie Broughton Innovation in eLearning Award Winners

Stephanie Bartlett

2021-22 Connie Broughton Innovation in eLearning Award Winner

Professor & Faculty Program Coordinator

Physics & Astronomy Department, Shoreline Community College

Project Title

“Designing for Academic Integrity: From Honorlock to Honor Code”

Project Description

Stephanie’s winning submission is for developing a framework for Academic Integrity in online courses designed to transparently model her own academic values of honor and integrity. Honor Codes have existed for decades, and the concept of creating a climate of trust is a goal in most classes, but Stephanie’s approach to Designing for Academic Integrity blends universal ideas of trust, honesty, and transparency into a grounded pedagogical framework. She has developed an integrated approach that is intent on drawing students into the creation of the classroom culture. They learn about academic integrity while developing a personal honor code that is used to establish classroom norms.

The framework begins with students engaging with the concept of Academic Integrity, rather than simply agreeing to abide by a set of rules and expectations. Stephanie has developed Academic Integrity-specific discussion assignments and reflection-based assessments which immerse students in the realm of academic values. Beyond these course components, each assignment/assessment in the class is clearly labeled to indicate the appropriate level of collaboration for the work (it is required, ok, or not permitted). She has also created an Honor Code and syllabus language to reinforce these concepts. Her comprehensive approach is innovative in its blend of content, the deliberate integration of transparency, and its use of educational technology. Stephanie has truly created an approach that is student-centered and can be utilized in every discipline and on every campus, whether virtual or physical.

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