Change: Students will be able to use personal email addresses in ctcLink

The change

Because of the design of ctcLink, students may set their own preferred email address for communication with the college. This could be a personal email address such as a Hotmail or Gmail account, or an email address provided by another college. Staff and faculty should be aware that this will be legitimate for students after we switch to ctcLink and the use of email addresses is no longer required for students.

How will this work?

  • When the student applies to the college they specify their preferred email address. They can change it anytime in ctcLink student self-service.
  • Messages sent to the student by ctcLink that originate from any college will go to their preferred email address.
  • Messages sent from Shoreline Canvas will go to the student’s preferred email address.
  • The student’s preferred email address should show in the class roster and are what faculty should use to communicate with student.
  • Existing Shoreline students will often have their email set as their initial preferred address, but they can now change it if they choose.

Student network accounts still

  • We will still assign the student a Shoreline account with a login name like
  • Students will still use that Shoreline network account to log into Canvas, Starfish, computer labs, WiFi, Office 365, etc.
  • That account will still come with a email address that the student can optionally use, but we expect most new students to specify a personal email account as their preferred email address.

The college will be providing additional information on working with students using these new email addresses. Please visit to chat or submit requests for additional information.

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