2022-23 Budget Development Update

College community,

Before our focus turns almost entirely to ctcLink conversion on February 28, the Executive Team would like to share a brief update on the status of development of the 2022-23 college operating budget.

Since December, ET has engaged in several discussions on key elements of the budget, including:

 Selecting student enrollment targets for next year.

 Translating these targets into preliminary revenue estimates.

 Using a “net zero” model as the starting point for projecting next year’s expenses.  In this model, administrative staff can move funding from one account to another within their existing operating budget, but the net effect of these changes must be zero.  Example: an administrator has $100 in Goods and Services in the current budget but would like to move $50 of that amount into Contracts next year.  This is a “net zero” budget change because it does not increase spending above the $100 baseline.

 Identifying “must fund” items that need to be added to the baseline, net-zero budget.  A must fund item is defined as an additional cost required by a collective bargaining agreement, contract, state mandate, or prior commitment made by the college, such as debt payments.

The budget process is proceeding according to the schedule shared with you via email on January 18.  Next steps include:

 March: the initial draft budget is presented to the Strategic Planning and Budget Council (SPBC).

 April: the initial draft budget is adjusted pending feedback from SPBC, and any actions taken by the state legislature during the supplemental budget session.

 April: the final budget proposal is presented to SPBC.

 June: the budget is presented to the Board of Trustees for approval.

 August: the new 2022-23 budget is entered into the system and posted on the intranet.

Additional messages will be shared as the process moves forward.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you.

Robert Williamson

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