Presidential Recruitment – Update

Dear Colleagues,

The College has successfully completed 2nd round interviews with the finalists identified for consideration as Shoreline’s next President. Thanks to all of you who attended the constituency group open forums, with a special thanks to those who also submitted feedback.

In addition to the constituency group open forum activities last week, the Presidential finalists also completed separate interviews with the executive team and Board of Trustees respectively. The Board has received all open forum feedback submitted along with screening committee and executive team observed strengths/weaknesses summaries. The Board of Trustees are scheduled to meet again next Wednesday, March 2 at 3:30pm to convene in Executive Session for the evaluation of a potential public employee (the next President). As a reminder, the Board of Trustees will announce and vote on the finalist identified for the job offer of Shoreline’s next president in a public meeting, potentially as soon as the upcoming March 2nd meeting.

Questions regarding the information above can be directed to at any time.

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