Employee/Campus Directory Updating Now Available with HR and ctcLink Changes

The ability to make changes to the Shoreline Employee/Campus Directory were recently disabled as the underlying software was transitioned from being based on HP data and processes to being based on ctcLink data and processes.

The ability to edit your own directory data has been restored and two Help Desk articles have been created explaining how to locate the Campus Directory (which has not changed) and how to edit your directory entry (which has changed).

These articles can always be accessed through the Shoreline Support Center.

Due to the way ctcLink works, and based on the needs of Human Resources at the College, the process of updating your directory information has been simplified. A number of fields that employees could previously update themselves have been converted to changes that the employee can make within ctcLink or that must be requested to be made by HR. In particular:

  • Employee name and title are set by HR in ctcLink. If you would like either of those changed, the process is now to email hr@shoreline.edu with your request.
  • Education continues to be something that HR enters on your behalf.
  • The departments you are in or teach in are now based on ctcLink data and do not need to be set by individual employees.


Gavin Smith
Acting Director

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