Update on Campus Directory – Who Shows, Outlook Updates, How to Update

What’s happening?

The Campus Directory has undergone some changes as part of our transition to ctcLink. Some features were disabled while the system was retooled to work with the new ctcLink data and HR processes. Some changes have been made recently and more are on the way.

Who shows in the directory?

Full time classified, exempt, and faculty employees always show in the directory. Associate Faculty show in the directory in quarters in which they have assigned sections. Hourly and student employees show in the directory only if a directory approver sets them to show.

How do I change or correct information?

As of the implementation of ctcLink, different parts of a person’s information are set in different ways:


What happens when I submit changes?

Changes you or HR submit in ctcLink will show up in the directory in a few hours. Changes you submit using Update Directory Info are being approved by C&M right now, and soon will go to your Division Approver, or to C&M and HR as a backup if division has no approver temporarily, and will show once someone approves them. HR will identify Division Approvers soon.

Does directory information automatically show in Outlook?

Synchronization of directory information will soon be turned back on. Your name, title, phone number, and office will show in Outlook as they show in the directory. Directory changes appear in Outlook overnight once they are approved.


Gavin Smith
Acting Director
Technology Support Services

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