Delaying the Start of the Dropped for Non-Payment (DNP) Process to May 11, 2022

Dear Colleagues,

What’s Happening:  

The College has delayed the start of the Dropped for Non-Payment (DNP) process for Spring 2022 to May 11th. Originally, the DNP process was scheduled to run on April 4 and April 11. We have since organized a workgroup to review and reach out to students currently on the DNP list. 


Due to our conversion to ctcLink, a high volume of students were added to the DNP list this quarter, for multiple reasons. As we (students and staff) are still learning how to navigate the new system, we felt it was important to extend grace by ensuring we do not drop students who should not be dropped (and perhaps would not be on the list in a typical quarter).  

Service Indicators (i.e., Holds):   

In ctcLink, a phrase you will see often is “Service Indicator.” Service Indicators are institution-specific, and they have different meanings, reasons, and impacts. In many cases, we use Service Indicators as a way to place holds on students’ accounts to prevent their enrollment from being dropped for non-payment. Currently, the three types of service indicators we use to do this are called R02, F02, and B07.   

Here’s What We’re Doing to Resolve this Issue:  

  • The workgroup is reviewing the DNP List and placing one of the Service Indicators listed above on groups of students who historically would not have been on the list. 
  • The workgroup is connecting with the appropriate departments to see if students that fall under their scope should have a service indicator applied.  
  • The workgroup is reviewing the Canvas activity of students on the list and placing a service indicator on students that show some Canvas activity to prevent them from being dropped from their classes. 
  • The workgroup is reviewing Canvas activity of students for the first two weeks of the quarter. Those students who have not paid tuition AND have had no Canvas activity during the first two weeks of the quarter, will be dropped for non-payment on May 2nd, 2022 by 5 pm, and their date of withdrawal will be back-dated to week #1. This will not impact a student’s enrollment for future quarters. 
  • A message was sent on Tuesday, April 19 to students reminding them to pay their tuition or start a payment plan.  
  • The workgroup is organizing a calling campaign to contact all students on the list to help them navigate our payment process, provide them with different funding options, and connect them to other supports if needed.      

Our ask of you: Please help spread the word regarding tuition payment and remind students that there are funding opportunities available such as federal COVID-19 funds to assist them with tuition, fees, and other educational costs. Also, if you are interested in supporting the calling campaign, please connect with Frank Frias ( or Derek Levy ( We will train and provide you with content to assist students.  

Thank you,

Steve Hanson
Interim President
Office of the President

Shoreline Community College  |  206.546.4552 

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