Important Dates Calendar: July 14 Update

Hello from Enrollment Services! We are writing to let you know there’s a new version of the Important Dates Calendar – a one-pager that lists important dates related to student enrollment – now live on our college’s website which you can view by clicking this link. If you see the previous version dated June 9 instead, you may need to clear your browser’s cache. Alternatively, you can find physical copies of the calendar at the Admin, PUB, and FOSS Welcomes Desks.

Below, you’ll find a brief list of changes made:

  • Information for Spring 2022 was removed and information for Summer 2023 was added
  • Several rows of the table were rearranged to be in sequential order by date
  • The subheader previously titled “Paying Tuition: Policy & Procedure” was changed to “Paying Tuition: Here’s What You Need to Know”
  • The word “may” previously capitalized in the sentence “Students with outstanding tuition balances after a payment deadline has passed may be dropped for non-payment” was uncapitalized 

Thank you!


Enrollment Services

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