Campus Updates 07/21/22


Shoreline held an event on July 15, 2022, “Showcase of Learning,” led by Dr. Reitha Weeks, Dr. Jan Chalupny, and Dr. Dina Kovarik. The Showcase was the culmination of a 3-day camp, which included learning about Biotechnology Essentials, experiencing working in a lab setting, and analysis of individual biotechnology projects. The outcomes were presented by the students as poster sessions to parents, staff, and other students.  

This was an interactive camp where students were busy with lab experiments, bioinformatics lessons, and learning about careers in biotechnology!   

The faculty reported that they couldn’t have been happier working with the 24 high school students, including students from eight different school districts. President Kahn and Diana Dotter have multiple events scheduled with community partners, K12 contacts, and board members in both August and September. 

Showcase of Learning, SCC Campus, Dr. Dina Kovarik, Dr. Reitha Weeks and Dr. Jan Chalupny 

Showcase of Learning, SCC Campus, (L-R) Dr. Dina Kovarik, Dr. Reitha Weeks, and Dr. Jan Chalupny 

Foundation News 

SCC Foundation’s fall quarter 2022 scholarship application is now open! 

Events and Updates 

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ctcLink Updates 

Do you have questions about ctcLink? Are you looking for a refresher?  

If you have questions, please visit or our Support Center at


  • (4) new positive cases were reported in the last 7 days (9 fewer than the previous week).  

As of 7/19/22, according to the CDC, King County has reached a High Covid-19 community level. 

  • King County Public Health still has the county set at a Medium community level. This is likely due to a difference in how the two agencies count cases, as explained on the King County community level dashboard – excerpt below: 

7/18/2022: Our reported COVID-19 hospitalization rate at any given time may differ from the CDC’s reported rate because our data quality team excludes cases among people who are hospitalized for other reasons but also have COVID-19 (“incidental hospitalizations”), while the CDC includes those cases. 

  • Given the rise in prevalence of the BA.5 variant, we recommend getting a vaccine booster if you are eligible and wearing a well-fitting mask in situations where you will be in close contact with others, such as labs and crowded classrooms 


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