Return to Work – Fall Quarter Planning

Hi Campus Community, 

I want to wish you all a wonderful summer and let you know about our plans for fall.  

We are planning a complete return-to-campus with predominantly in-person classes, services, and activities available to our students for Fall Quarter 2022.  We are committed to providing an active campus experience for students that will foster a sense of belonging in the classes, services, resources, and activities that we offer.  

“After the last few years, I am excited for students to have the opportunity to fully engage with Shoreline’s campus and everything it has to offer. During this transition, it is my hope that we will not leave behind remote options for learning. It is important for us to recognize that while students have missed the college experience of being in-person, there are also many who are concerned not only for the health and safety of our community, but also losing the ways in which remote learning has made achieving an education possible. Access for these students must remain post-COVID.” said Sunshine Cheng, ASG President 

What does this mean for employees? 

If you are faculty, we ask that you spend many of your work hours on campus.  Even if your courses are remote, please attend campus events and hold on-campus office hours whenever possible. 

If you are staff, non-instructional faculty, or exempt employees, please plan to return to campus full-time to be physically accessible for students, colleagues, and in-person events during your assigned work shift each day. Please note, HR will continue to work with employees regarding any reasonable accommodation needed.  

“Serving as chair and vice-chair for the 2022 – 23 academic years are LeAnn De Luna and Kristine Petesch. We look forward to serving with returning and new faculty representatives beginning in the fall. Please look for an invitation for an all-faculty meeting on September 28th at 3:00 PM. We look forward to an equally productive year working with faculty on non-contractual issues, policies, and curricular issues.” said LeAnn DeLuna, MSN, RN, CRRN, Professor of Nursing, Faculty Senate Council, Chair. 

Lastly, parking fees will not be collected from employees or students until Winter 2023 in support of the return to campus transition. 

Why is this important? 

There are several reasons for this focused on-campus return. As informed by Strategic Enrollment Management practices, feedback from student surveys, and feedback from college constituencies the following factors have been identified and agreed upon as ways to enhance our successful return to campus. 

  • Rebuilding an active campus community in which students and staff can interact in a physical space is a critical factor in supporting student persistence and success.  
  • Supporting for our new full-time and part-time faculty for whom many will be on campus in our First Year Faculty Institute and begin teaching in their first quarter. 
  • Continuing development of Guided Pathways workgroup core 2022 emphases including a complete review and update to the student intake process, continued support for enhancing and broadening advising support, and a focus on course-sequencing tied to our new areas of study. 
  • Focusing activity and support for prospective and incoming students that come to campus to get tours, identify resources, and work on education plans. 
  • Providing robust face-to-face learning modalities for underserved populations that were disproportionately affected by virtual learning-only instruction.   

Additional plans are in the works and will be rolled out over the next couple of months.  If you have thoughts about how to increase enrollment or impact retention, please feel free to reach out to your directors, deans, and constituent group representatives.  

Ric Doike-Foreman, WFSE Chief Shop Steward for Shoreline CC, contributed by saying: 

“The Classified Staff Union looks forward with positivity as we approach the next phase in returning to campus.  

  • The Classified Staff Union appreciates the willingness of the college to continue conversations and implement practices that ensure fair and equitable treatment with regards to scheduling opportunities that best meet the needs of the campus community and our constituent members. 
  • We will continue to work alongside our constituency base and Human Resources, lending assistance as needed, to ensure all accommodation requests are addressed appropriately and promptly to ensure the health and safety of our members. 
  • We continue to engage with the College and campus community to have foster an understanding and willingness to work together and resolve any emergent environmental concerns. 
  • We continue to build upon the understanding and willingness of the College to work with the classified staff membership to resolve communications concerns and strengthen the trust relationship. 

The return to campus offers an exciting opportunity to reengage directly with the development and growth of the on-campus community spirit Shoreline Community College is known for.” said Ric Doike-Foreman 

What about safety precautions? 

The College-wide Communicable Disease Team (CDT) continues to monitor data and information from federal, state, and regional public health authorities about COVID-19.  Our return-to-campus plan is consistent with the most current guidance available, though we will pivot if circumstances change. 

Where can I get further Information? 

If you still have questions about what to expect for fall, feel free to reach out to your supervisor. 

 We appreciate you and the impact you have on our students!  


Dr. Jack Kahn, President and the Executive Team

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