HSAMCC – Update

Progress Updates

  • During May and June, construction work and activities included the following:
    • All underground storm, plumbing, electrical, drainage, and water lines under the building were completed.
    • Underground waterproof and dampproof activities completed.
    • All concrete footings and slab on grade were completed. This was a major milestone for the project.
    • Protection board over slab on grade where finishes call out for polished was installed for the 1st floor.
    • Site electrical conduit on North of building for lighting and other power needs was installed.
    • The infiltration pond at the Greenwood lot was mostly completed. This pond will eventually collect stormwater from the site, allowing the silts to settle before making their way back to Boeing creek.
    • Progress of the stand-alone mockup for the exterior of the building continues to take shape.
    • Structural steel arrived, was organized, and installation began in late June. This was also a big milestone for the project and is the critical path for the project.
    • Site electrical underground work on road East side of the project and towards the PUB has begun creating rerouting for traffic and temporary road closures.
    • Interior signage and donor sign design progress continue to evolve.
    • Furniture design and selection of products also continue to make progress.
    • Next few months the project will continue to work on structural steel and major structure activities. The next big milestones for the months ahead include:
      • Pouring concrete floors for L2 and L3.
      • Roof structure completion.
      • Kickoff meeting to begin discussions for move logistics of the buildings that will be demolished in Phase II.
  • The critical path and the completion date tracking for a Summer/Fall 2023 building completion.
  • Notices regarding road closures, loud work, shutdowns, or interruptions continue to be shared with the Faculty and Staff, and the College’s campus neighbors.
construction site photos
construction site photos

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