Campus Updates 09/01/22


Message from the President: 

This past week was focused once again on learning and meeting new people at the college.  I was truly fortunate to meet faculty and administrators involved in our honors program this past Monday. I learned about the structure of the program and student success stories as a function of participating. I used to coordinate an honors program of sorts and was lucky to have even published a few articles with former students.  These early mentoring experiences can be powerful for our young scholars. 

I attended the regular WACTC meeting with all Washington State Presidents and State Board representatives.  It was encouraging to hear folks advocate for employees across our colleges, DEI work, capital projects assistance, and overall support for Technology (in the classroom and infrastructure).  I will bring a brief summary of what is happening with this organization to my opening week brief presentation, so look out for that! 

I also got a “tour” of all the work that has been put into the Guided Pathways project at Shoreline. It is pretty amazing to see how much work has been done.  I have been very active with GP in the last several years and in fact, it was one of the many things that impressed me about Shoreline when I was applying for this position.  This week I also learned more about our accreditation process, security protocols, and other matters that better help me understand the college.  I also learned more about the recent Gardener Institute Project & NCore equity training the college has been involved with.  I’m always impressed to know how dedicated folks are to this learning. There is so much to learn, one step at a time.  A good reminder that we are all students in some fashion. 

This past weekend was non-eventful on my end. My wife and I are vacillating between trying to get our house in order (unpacking, putting together stuff, etc.) and exploring.  I think we sided on the get house stuff done plan.  I will not bore you with the details!  A colleague told me I should hold off on that because soon enough we will be inside more so I should enjoy the weather while we have it.  Good advice- hopefully, next week some exploration shall occur! 

Here is a link to my next set of virtual office hours! 

Have a great week! 

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