Transition of IADM Addresses Accreditation Recommendations

Dear Campus Colleagues, 

As we prepare for an accreditation visit on Friday, October 14th, I am pleased to share organizational changes that help address recommendations from our accreditors.  

The Office of Institutional Assessment and Data Management (IADM) will become Planning & Institutional Effectiveness (PIE), led by an Executive Director-Institutional Effectiveness.  The College is recruiting for that position right now. The Executive Director will report directly to me and serve on Executive Team. We have received an accreditation recommendation that the entire institution needs to practice regular, data-informed planning in order to be effective at meeting our mission. PIE will help us in that effort. 

Relevant personnel details are below: 

  • Dr. Bayta Maring, Executive Director – IADM, has requested to move to a part-time position focused solely on learning outcomes assessment and will transition into that role on October 15th.  Dr. Maring has been reporting to Dr. Ann Garnsey-Harter, Associate VP-Learning Resources & Institutional Effectiveness, since July 1, in preparation for the transition.   
  • PIE will include the Office of Institutional Research, with Celine Pastore continuing as Research Analyst & Reporting Lead. There are plans to hire a Data Analyst, funded by Guided Pathway monies. 
  • PIE also will include the Grants Office, which will endeavor to secure funds to support the College’s upcoming strategic planning efforts. Dr. Cheryl Allendoerfer was hired as Director – Grants on April 1, 2022. 
  • PIE also will include ctcLink functional support, headed by Douglas Haub, who was hired as Lead Business & Data Analyst on October 1, 2021. 
  • Jenifer Aydelotte will continue in her Program Specialist role and eventually will report outside of PIE to Student Learning, Equity, & Success (SLES).  
  • Romina Plozza was hired as Acting Director of Learning Outcomes Assessment July 1, 2022-June 30, 2023, and will continue to work closely with Dr. Maring; eventually, both will report outside of PIE to SLES. 
  • As of October 15th, all staff members above will report temporarily to Dr. Garnsey-Harter until a permanent replacement for Dr. Maring is hired.  Dr. Garnsey-Harter temporarily reports to me to support these efforts during this transition.  


Dr. Jack Kahn 


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