Guided Pathways E-Newsletter 11/17/22

Thur Nov 17, 2022. Ninth edition

COL 101 Update

After 18 months of design, pilot, and redesign, we launched our new COL 101 course this Fall. We have over 120 students enrolled across 6 sections; this strong turnout was due in great part to the efforts of our Academic Advisors and the Outreach and Recruitment team. 

Contrary to common expectations, COL 101 does not emphasize study skills. It is focused on the following learning outcomes (these are descriptive, not verbatim):

  • Helping students explore their interests, values, and strengths, identifying life goals, and then matching these to academic paths
  • Developing students’ knowledge of and confidence using various college resources
  • Developing a strong sense of belonging and interdependence
  • Developing students’ skills with regard to time management, reflection, self-advocacy and autonomy

We have a team of instructors who come from different disciplines, all of whom have experience teaching these kinds of courses. They all completed a common “onboarding” process, and their courses all use a set of common tasks, including a summative assessment. The instructors meet and communicate regularly to share ideas and resources. as well. Our hope is to grow a robust multidisciplinary team of dedicated faculty who take turns teaching this course. Please reach out if you are intrigued!

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What is this Newsletter for? 

This newsletter is an effort to keep campus employees informed of our Guided Pathways-related efforts, to share stories from projects, and address questions. It is intended to complement our Canvas site, our update reports, and any webinars that we may offer.

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