From J. Kahn: Video Campus Update 12/07/22

Hi folks,

We took feedback from our campus community and made a video version of campus updates. This is in addition to the weekly all-staff email and delivers content in a different way to those who may prefer watching a video over reading an email. Video updates will be created with informational and operational topics and even special guests!

Take a listen and let me know what you think! Follow the link and press play to watch today’s update.


0:00 Intro and Areas of Improvement

1:18        ctcLink

3:11        Enrollment, Outreach and Financial Aid

3:56 Trust Exercise

4:07        Communications and Marketing

4:22        College Council

5:17        Remote Work Policy

5:39        Professional Development

6:11        Administrative Meetings

7:29 Fun Facts

  King Hung

8:01        Dr. Ajay Jamora

8:29        International Education Department

9:08 Weather

Facilities, Safety & Security

10:00 Wrap up

Jack S. Kahn Ph.D.


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