Statement from Shoreline Community College

Dear Campus Community,

Shoreline CC has recently came to an agreement with the AFT, as described below. The statement below is on behalf of Shoreline Community College. We apologize for the miscommunication earlier today, where it may have appeared as a joint statement.

Shoreline Community College (Shoreline) and our American Federation of Teachers (AFT) faculty union have recently come to a settlement agreement that will provide a lump sum payment to Shoreline faculty members, as specified by AFT, bringing closure to a contract dispute dating back to 2017.

By design, the faculty union is organized to advocate for better wages, benefits, and working conditions for faculty members. This means that the college and the AFT will occasionally be at odds with each other despite our shared goal of providing Shoreline students with the best educational experience possible.

Shoreline values its faculty and is committed to a partnership with AFT to ensure faculty members are fairly and appropriately compensated for their work. While the college is steadfast that it properly interpreted and applied the 2017-2019 Collective Bargaining Agreement, AFT has been equally steadfast in maintaining that the college’s calculations were not done as intended. The parties worked cooperatively to obtain a compromise solution to this dispute to settle the matter and move forward together.

At Shoreline, we believe in a spirit of intellectual honesty, free speech, and fostering an environment where our faculty, staff and students are welcome to disagree and challenge each other. We are pleased to have resolved this matter and look forward to the continued partnership with our faculty and AFT into the future.

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