Guided Pathways E-Newsletter  

Thur Jan 26 Eleventh edition SNEAK PEAK

Shoreline Pathways

Thank you to all faculty who provided feedback on icons and photographs for our new Shoreline Pathways. We also worked – in December – to get input from students. 

The new categories went live at the very end of 2022. Check them out!  

Ensuring that our college website is easy-to-navigate and helps prospective students find the people and the academic path for them is an ever-evolving effort – websites are never “done.” If you have questions about what we’re currently working on, and what we hope to work on in the future, please get in touch.

Contact Brigid Nulty to sign up for the full newsletter! This full edition includes news on the New VP of DEI and the Anti-Racist, Equitable, Inclusive Pedagogy Institute


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