International Holocaust Remembrance Day

As you may know, today is International holocaust remembrance day.  This date (January 27th) is chosen because it was on January 27th that Auschwitz Birkenau was liberated.  People around the world recognize and commemorate the 6,000,000 Jewish people and millions of other victims of the holocaust on this day.

While there are many ways to commemorate those who perished, the United Nations “urges every member state to honor the six million Jewish victims of the Holocaust and millions of other victims of Nazism and to develop educational programs to help prevent future genocides”.  Certainly, this is commensurate with our DEI goals and mission as an institution of higher education.  Throughout the world and this nation, genocides of various types have occurred and continue to occur.  It is our duty to stand against regimes that would perpetuate the philosophies of the Nazis regardless of the nomenclature used or methods of persecution.  I am very proud to be a member of a college that has done so throughout our educational programs and will continue to do so in the future.

In peace and in remembrance,


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