Welcoming Dr. Joan King

Greeting Shoreline Community!

I want to extend an enthusiastic welcome to Dr. Joan King as she transitions into the Shoreline community. Dr. King will assume the AANAPISI Program Director position, which was formerly held by Chippi Bello. She comes to Shoreline CC by way of Green River College and brings a wealth of experience with her. Dr. King has experience overseeing grants, which will allow her to hit the ground on good footing. Her work in the API community is extensive and she is eager to begin making connections that would serve our students well. The theoretical and practical knowledge she brings will be invaluable to all BIPOC and marginalized communities. I had the great honor of watching Dr. King present at the NW Regional Equity Conference last week and I was inspired by her passion and commitment to elevating the voices and experiences of the API community. Her military background provides a unique lens to inform our practices.

Please join me in welcoming Dr. Joan King to our family. You are welcome to pop over to the AANAPISI Center this afternoon to say hello and grab a snack. 😊 I would be remise if I didn’t extend an extra special Thank You to Chippi Bello for pouring her love into the development of the grant and our wonderful Center. We honor you and look forward to the continued partnership.


Melanie Dixon

Pronouns: she/her/hers Why pronouns?

Vice President of Diversity Equity and Inclusion

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