Fire System Replacement, Bldg. 1500, 1600, 1700

Dear Campus Community, 

This message is to inform you of work that is going to be taking place in Buildings 1500, 1600, 1600a, and 1700 beginning Monday, March 6th. I understand that the proximity of this notification to the work beginning will understandably raise some questions and frustration. 

Last fall, our previous and longstanding contractor notified us that they were not able to renew our contract as their staffing and scheduling limitations had greatly diminished. Finding a new contractor with the ability to handle a campus of our size proved difficult but was eventually successful. In January of this year, the college’s new fire alarm and suppression contractor (Convergint) completed annual inspections and identified issues with our current system, most notably in Building 1500/1600/1700. Safety & Security and Convergint immediately began working with the Shoreline Fire Marshal’s Office to develop a plan to replace the system. 

Safety & Security conducted a walkthrough with Convergint to identify the current system and develop a new system plan. Safety & Security and Convergint then conducted a walkthrough with the Shoreline Fire Marshal’s Office to ensure that the new system plan provided everything that was required.  

On Wednesday, 3/1, Safety & Security, Convergint, and the foreperson for the project conducted a final walkthrough to ensure that devices and materials were available and to ensure that all required upgrades/replacements were feasible, and that an action plan was in place. Wednesday, March 1st, was when Safety & Security received its first notification that work would begin Monday, March 6th. Monday- Friday, from 5:00 am to 2:00 pm. Work will proceed in the Theater and Theater Lobby for the next four to eight weeks. Following completion of the Theater and Lobby, Building 1500 will experience three to four weeks of work, Building 1700 will experience one week of work, and Building 1600a (the Theater Shop) will be worked on at the end. Notification for work in both Building 1500 and 1700 will be given at least two weeks in advance. Communication to faculty staff and our representative unions has already taken place about this work and a plan to provide transitional support is underway. 

Due to the nature of the required upgrades and replacements, this project has escalated to a more aggressive timeline to be able to ensure a safety environment for staff, faculty, students, and visitors. I certainly do not enjoy or brush off the frustration that comes with such short notice.  

We understand that occupants of these buildings may still experience a reaction to work being conducted near workspaces.  In these cases, please work with your supervisor and HR to explore alternative work options, including relocating to a different facility. 

I am, however, extremely pleased at the speed at which the college, our new contractor Convergint, and the Shoreline Fire Marshal’s Office were able to come together and execute such a large undertaking.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at 


Gregory Cranson | Acting Director of Safety & Security 

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