Short five-minute lessons on the broader issue of Truth and Misinformation

On Monday, February 13th, six instructors from six different disciplines gave short five-minute lessons on the broader issue of Truth and Misinformation.  They will grapple with many important questions:  Where does misinformation come from?  How does it spread?  How can we find truth in this misinformation?   This lesson was held in a fishbowl format in which students gather in a circular layout and the instructors engage in a threaded conversation, each responding to the previous instructor’s talk.   

This lesson was held Monday, Feb 13th, from 11:30 to 12:20 and took place in the large library space.

Participating Instructors:  Paul Herrick – Philosophy,  Trevor Pelletier – Math,  Brooke Zimmers –  Communication Studies,  Kira Wennstrom – Biology,  Crystal Hess – Computer Programming,  Lauren Bryant, Librarian 

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