Return of the Building Marshall Program

Dear Colleagues,

Shoreline is re-instating the Building Marshal (formerly Building Monitor) program. Being a Building Marshal is completely voluntary, and while there is no additional pay, you will be provided with training and a CPR/AED/First Aid certification through the Red Cross. Building Marshal’s will be tasked with assisting with building evacuations in case of an emergency, as well as acting as an extra pair of eyes to spot safety hazards before they can cause injury. There will be multiple Building Marshal’s assigned to each building to allow for coverage even when someone is out sick, on vacation, or traveling for work. Building Marshals will:

  • Be issued a backpack that contains a safety reflective vest, hard hat, binder with emergency operation tips and processes, and a standard first aid kit.
  • Be given CPR/AED/First Aid training by a certified Red Cross instructor
  • Be given training on how to use and where to find Stryker chairs
  • Be responsible to assist with evacuations in the event of the emergency
  • Report to Safety & Security when they observe safety hazards in their areas (lights that are out, exposed wires, AEDs/fire extinguishers that appear tampered with
  • Be physically able to assist persons that require said assistance during evacuations 

If you are interested in becoming a Building Marshal, please copy and paste the prompts below and answer all in an email your to

  1. First and Last Name:
  2. Shoreline Email Address:
  3. Building and Office Number:
  4. What days and times are you physically on campus?
  5. Are you willing to be the Building Marshal for a building other than your own if needed?
  6. Are you able to perform CPR, utilize a Stryker chair to evacuate those with mobility issues, and assist with other evacuation processes?”

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