Spring Enrollment is Up!

Dear Colleagues,   

The PIE (Planning & Institutional Effectiveness) Office provides data tools to help our college community track enrollments, which is especially important since one of the Presidental’s goals is to improve targeted enrollments in 2022-2024. 

10th Day Enrollment Report 

Last quarter, PIE started sending out a 10th-day quarterly enrollment report to campus.  Please review this quarter’s 10th day enrollment report.  The 10th day was on April 14th. (Due to data constraints related to the ransomware incident, comparisons in this quarter’s report are limited to select breakdowns where data is available.)   

Great news! Spring enrollments have increased for the first time in five years!!  

Daily Enrollment Report 

Also, since the Report Server is still unavailable due to the ransomware incident, Daily Enrollment Reporting now can be found on the PIE Team’s Sharepoint site here. That same link also is available on the Shoreline Support Center > Employees >  Daily Enrollment Report.

The Daily Enrollment Report is a snapshot of current quarterly student enrollment. The top file in the folder ( 0_CURRENT_Daily Enrollment Report_Comparison_Spring 2023) is updated with the most recent numbers available; prior daily reports are archived in that folder too. Enrollment as of Friday, March 17, 2023 (the last day prior to the ransomware incident) and final numbers from last year (Spring 2022) are provided for comparison.  


Your data friends @ PIE:  

Ann Garnsey-Harter, Associate VP-Planning, Institutional Effectiveness, & Project Management  

Celine Pastore, Senior Research Analyst  
Juliet Scarpa, Data Analyst 

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