Important System Outage Update 5/12/23

Good afternoon,

Yesterday we shared some important ransomware updates in our campus forum that we also want to share with you here, in case you were unable to attend. 

Positive Progress 

We have made some really great progress with our recovery and restoration efforts. A huge thank you to TSS for their dedication and round-the-clock work during this time. 

  • Campuswide wireless has been restored. TSS has mounted 100 access points, which took approximately three weeks. Most every working area has full coverage; however, we are aware of a few outstanding areas. We are putting in an order for 20 additional access points to resolve those issues. 
  • Sixty-two new teaching computers were installed in classrooms for spring courses. These computers connect to Wi-Fi. TSS is currently working to ensure that all summer and fall classrooms will be ready and anticipate having the wired network restored for all classrooms and instructional areas that will be in use by Fall quarter.
    • The College has worked to get the student classroom labs operational for Spring quarter and that restoration effort is 97% complete. 
  • 55 laptops have been deployed by TSS and 250 desktops have been ordered and will be deployed during the Summer quarter. 
  • TSS is currently working on implementing several improved security protocols across the entire Shoreline infrastructure, which we will provide additional updates on. 
  • We now have a temporary solution for our intranet and are working to repopulate the documents and information. 

Important Data Restoration Update 

We have been working with the Dell EMC team for the past six weeks to reestablish the connection to the back-up data in the cloud. Unfortunately, we were made aware that despite their best efforts, Dell was unable to recover the data stored in the cloud. Data stored locally on desktop computers can be unencrypted and returned to the user. We have consulted other engineers for a second opinion, and unfortunately, they have also concluded the same as Dell. 

As a result, we will need to recover data in other ways and rebuild. Here are some steps we are currently taking: 

  • Data Identification
    • We have created a data identification spreadsheet to help us navigate the platform and service needs for every department across campus. This spreadsheet was shared with ET this morning. Meetings are being set up with department heads across campus to work with their teams and populate the document for review.
      • Once we receive the information back from the departments, we will have a clearer picture of the data and rebuild needs for the campus 
  • File Restoration Efforts
    • TSS has begun working through the submitted requests for local desktop file restoration, and thus far efforts have proven successful. To be added to the queue for local file restoration, please submit a ticket via this form. 

On Monday we will be sharing out some other helpful information about website requests and OneDrive/SharePoint, so stay tuned for more updates. 

We thank you for your continued patience and flexibility as we truly appreciate your efforts. Thank you for being a wonderful campus community. 


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