Campus Updates 5/12/23

Friday 5/12/23 

Events and News 

Well good evening everyone,

This past week has been really busy but more on the “internal” side of things.  I’ve been in my office in meetings, and doing emails a lot (likely as you have) and looking out my window enjoying the sunshine!  That is definitely something to celebrate. 

I wanted to sincerely thank everyone who participated in the Day of Learning this year.  I really felt like we balanced the right tone combining education and fun, delivering some important message along the way. Thank you so much to the team that developed the program and found ways for us to connect in various modalities in very meaningfully ways. Thank you to the funny-sock subcommittee (I’m kidding about the subcommittee 😊), the folks who rolled up their sleeves to work on SMART objectives and learning outcomes, and to those that met in strategic planning sessions.  I know we have a lot of work to do as well as some hurdles to overcome.  We are at a time where we take steps forward, then a bit backward, but always forward again.  As I said in the welcome, we will be making some changes this year that help significantly improve the College, and we will continue to evolve and improve.  I appreciate you all, and all that you do! 

Finally, I did have one opportunity for a community connection this week at City Hall.  I have been meeting regularly with the Chief of Police and Greg Cranson to plan projects, but I’m hoping to do so with other city partners, particularly in assisting the City (and SCC) in finding ways to demonstrate the City’s anti-racism resolution, creating tangible results that support students in the community.  We are already doing a lot of this great work through Workforce and other means (and a big thanks To Lauren and her team who were mentioned at the meeting!) but with some more structure and explicit goals, we could see some additional great things happen. 

Enjoy your week 



Spring Quarter Updates 


  • Thanks for playing along with the “Accreditation Anchored in DEIA” Kahoot! sessions during Day of Learning. Want to review what you learned? Check out the Study Guide.  
  • Kahoot prize winners for in-person session: Derek Levy, Caela Smith, Kelvin Campbell.  
    Prize winners for online session (not pictured): Kira Wennstrom, Aleka Overby, Karen Bretz. 
This is an image of the three winners of the Kahoot game for Day of Learning.

Human Resources 

Please join us in welcoming following new employees joining Shoreline Community College:    

  • Oscar Arroyo – Humanities Admin Associate  
  • Brandon Beauvais – Campus Security Officer 
  • Becca Chen – Acting Director of Budget 
  • Zoe Withered – NEW ROLE! Program Specialist 3 (Transitional Studies) 

Other Personnel Updates:  

  • Vice President for Business & Administrative Services 
  • Following the review and initial round of interview activities, no candidates were identified to move forward in the recruitment process. With this in mind, the VP-B&AS position has been reposted for application with an updated date of consideration set for May 31, 2023. Additional advertising efforts are underway and college employees are encouraged to help share this recruitment out within their networks and system connections.  
  • Budget Director 
  • Shoreline is excited to announce Becca Chen will be joining our campus as the Acting Director of Budget while the permanent position is open for recruitment. Becca will join Renee Burchfield (Director of Financial Services), Yulian Ligioso (Acting VP for B&AS) and Holly Woodmansee (Acting VP for B&AS) in support of the College fiscal functions until new permanent positions are hired through our recruitment process.  

Do you know someone who wants to join our team? Visit: Job Opportunities at Shoreline Community College.  

Events and Updates 

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Shoreline Community College MISSION – Our Purpose 

We serve the educational, workforce, and cultural needs of our diverse students and communities. 

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