Last Call for Day of Learning Proposals

Shoreline Faculty and Staff!

We’re extending the submission deadline for Day of Learning proposals to Monday, March 1st.  You can submit proposals HERE. Sessions will be in 50-minute blocks (presenters can request two back-to-back blocks) and facilitated online. They will need to follow accessibility standards and focus on this year’s theme: How Do We Foster Inclusive Change at Shoreline?

Facilitators do not need to be an expert on their proposed session topic; we are simply asking for proposals from employees who are passionate about issues related to diversity, equity, and inclusion. The Learning Team can provide some support to employees who want help in designing their session. Faculty and classified staff facilitators will be paid an hourly rate for leading their sessions on Day of Learning. Further details about dates and submission are below:

Proposal Submission Details:

  • To submit, fill out a Proposal Submission Form
  • Submissions are due by March 1st
  • Sessions will 50 minute blocks (you can request two back-to-back blocks)
  • If you submitted a proposal last year, we encourage you to submit again
  • If you have questions, please email both Jonathan Molinaro ( and David Isaac (   

This Year’s Theme:

How Do We Foster Inclusive Change at Shoreline? Diversity. Equity. Inclusion. We know these words are part of Shoreline’s values, but a lack of consensus on their meaning has made it difficult to embody them and facilitate sustainable changes on our campus. Key questions also face us: How can we navigate difficult conversations about campus culture? How do our unique perspectives shape our understanding of institutional inequities? The goal for this year’s Day of Learning is to learn skills and gain knowledge that will create a more inclusive campus culture for supporting each other and serving our students. While engaging in sessions that center DEI, we will put our shared definitions into individual and collective action, and continue to work on our ongoing commitment to inclusive excellence and institutional change. 

Jonathan Molinaro
Associate Dean, Transitional Studies

Website Changes, Winter Quarter

The web team in Communications & Marketing has been busy making things better for users on our website. Here’s what we’ve done, what we’re doing, and where we’re going.  

To submit a website request, please visit:

New Pages Launched: 

  • Virtual Admissions Events – Learn about all our virtual admissions events including Experience Shoreline, funding and aid workshops, and program-specific open houses. Navigate to the page: Under the Enrollment & Aid main menu drop down. See it 
  • Work Study Jobs – Students looking for work study jobs can find listings and instructions for applying. Navigate to the pageUnder the Enrollment & Aid main menu drop down, click on Funding & Aid, then Financial Aid, then Types of Aid. On that page, you’ll find info about work study and a link to the Work Study program. Students are also provided this link in the Financial Aid Portal.  See it 
  • Take a Class – A landing page intended for use in advertising when marketing to students who are simply looking to take some courses at Shoreline. Navigate to the page: From the home page, click on the Explore Programs button. Scroll down to the heading “Just looking to take some classes?” Click on “Learn about taking college courses at Shoreline.” See it 
  • Student Life & Clubs – An overview of Shoreline student life and the clubs students can join (not to be confused with Campus Life). Navigate to the page: Use the main menu and click on Campus Life. Click on Student Life & Clubs. Also referenced on the Current Students page. See it 
  • Phi Theta Kappa Honors Society – An overview of the honor society and member instructions for students eligible to join. Navigate to the page: Use the main menu and click on Academics. Click on Honors College. In the left navigation menu, click on Phi Theta Kappa. See it 

Pages with Significant or Notable Updates:  

  • Find My Registration Date – Added the credit chart and some guidance for how to use the Find My Date page. See it 
  • AP or IB Scores page – The Cambridge International crosswalk chart was added to the page. See it 
  • Transitional Studies redesign – The landing page was redesigned to help students better understand the offerings and provide a more visually intuitive navigation experience. See it 
  • Academic Calendar – You will now see a brief description for each item in the calendar, as well as a link to any related task (e.g: add/drop date links to the page about adding/dropping courses). See it 

Strategy & Design:

  • Improved Search Engine Marketing Campaigns – Worked with our vendor to improve our search engine advertising strategy, leading to increased click-through and conversion rates on our website.
  • Live Interactive Student Journey Map – Created a living interactive journey map that outlines student information needs, pain points, recommended improvements, etc. to help facilitate strategic decisions in SEM, Guided Pathways, and ctcLink work around the website and student communications.  
  • Additional Announcement Banner Templates – Allow for more options when adding banners to interior pages.  

Selected Large-Scale Projects In Progress: 

  • Workforce page redesign  
  • New scholarships page 
  • Academic dates and deadlines workflow improvements 
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) page 
  • Website testing and research to learn more about student experience using the updated site  
  • ctcLink fit-gap and website evaluation  
  • Website guidelines and procedures documentation  
  • Website data and metrics improvements  

Employee Comings & Goings Report – Jan/Feb 2021

The Employee Comings and Goings Report for January/February 2021 is now available.

You may find all of the monthly Employee Comings and Goings Reports on the HR intranet page. If you have any questions about this information, please contact

Notice of Public Meeting Changes: February 24 Board of Trustees Meeting


The Shoreline Community College Board of Trustees will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, February 24, 2021 with the study session commencing at 3:30 PM and the special session commencing at 4:30 PM.

The business to be transacted in this meeting will be posted to… no later than 3:30 PM on Tuesday, February 23, 2021.

The agenda for this special meeting includes the Board’s usual regular meeting agenda. Due to COVID-19, Governor Inslee’s restriction on in-person public meetings has been extended. Therefore, access to this meeting will take place in a virtual space. To comply with open meeting notice requirements, the previously scheduled regular meeting at the campus is cancelled and a virtual special meeting is being added. 

•To connect to the February 24, 2021 special meeting:

• Via link, go to:…

• Via telephone:
Call/Dial/Key-in to one of the following numbers. Start with the first number. If you receive a busy signal or an “all circuits are busy” message, try the next number on the list. 

(253) 215-8782
(669) 900-6833
(301) 715-8592

• Webinar (“Meeting”) ID: 862 2299 7671

•All Board of Trustees meetings include opportunity for public comment. Due to the continual and changing information related to COVID-19 and the February 24 special meeting to be held virtually, please email public comments to the Board Secretary at by 4:15 PM on Wednesday, February 24, 2021. Please place “Public Comment” in the subject of your email. Public comments received by 4:15 PM on February 24, 2021 will be read aloud by College personnel in order for all Trustees to hear the comments read. The total public comment period will be no more than thirty (30) minutes and up to two (2) minutes of each public comment received will be read, with adjustments made if more than fifteen (15) public comments are received.

The in-person regular meeting scheduled for 4:30 PM on February 24, 2021 in room 9218-building 1000, is cancelled. Per the notice above, that meeting is being rescheduled as a virtual special meeting.

Changes to Printed Quarterly Class Schedule


I’m pleased to share that Shoreline is streamlining the way we make quarterly class schedule information available to prospective and current students. Starting in spring 2021, the College will roll out a new direct mail piece that will take the place of the printed Class Scheduleand students will be directed to the online Class Schedule as the primary source for specific class scheduling information.

What’s Changing:

  • The quarterly printed class schedule publication will be discontinued as of spring quarter 2021.
  • The College is launching a new quarterly mailed eight-page booklet to residential addresses in our district.
    • The first issue will be mailed in March. It will provide summary enrollment information about our instructional offerings and will drive people to the online Class Schedule to look for specific spring courses and sections.
    • Employees who typically review and edit the front matter of the printed class schedule will have an opportunity to review the mailer booklet before it goes to press.

What’s Not Changing:

Why Are We Doing This:

  • The high production costs of our quarterly printed class schedule are not sustainable.
  • The online Class Schedule is already the primary tool students use to locate class sections and times.
  • We are among one of the last colleges in our system that still prints the full schedule each quarter, resulting in fewer students expecting us to have one. 
  • During remote operations we do not have a way to widely distribute print materials to students on campus so the printed Class Schedule is not an effective way to advertise classes.
  • We are pivoting to proactively mail enrollment information to residential addresses in our district, reaching a broader audience than our printed Class Schedule ever did. This is similar to what our peers at Edmonds, Everett, North Seattle, and other colleges do in their districts.
  • We are preparing now for the fact that students will have new ways to access and print class scheduling information in ctcLink starting in 2022.

What if Some Students Want/Need a Printed Class Schedule:

  • Students who may prefer or require a hard copy of the quarterly class schedule can request help from a campus recruiter. Please contact Inez Olive for assistance (

Thank you!

Martha G. Lynn

Executive Director

Communications & Marketing